Holly Webber recently asked Vanja Svajcer, a principal researcher at SophosLabs, about the challenges mobile devices present (emphasis mine):

The new devices of course need to be secured, especially as people use
their own private devices. But what they bring in is a complexity in
terms of the numbers of platforms that suddenly the internal IT people
have to support. Some of the platforms, such as Blackberry and iOS, have
shown to be relatively well protected or isolated. For Android, it’s a
completely different story. Android is more open
, and it’s similar to
what Windows used to be 10 years ago. You are allowed to install
applications from all sorts of websites, and the malware writers have
seen this and started writing malicious code for Android smartphones and
for tablets. I think now we have about 100,000 unique pieces of malware
for Android in our collection

Open always wins.

I found out within the past few days that Doane Paper was going out of business. Though I had never purchased anything from them, I was saddened, because I had heard very good things about them and had planned on purchasing a fair amount of merchandise for note taking during an intense 8-week course I hope to take in the next year or two. Thankfully, they had some remaining inventory, and after a strong recommendation from Brad Dowdy, I ordered five Large Idea Journals.

I only opened one of them to give a test, and I have to say, I’m happy with the design of Doane Paper; using the bold lines to guide my notetaking, I found the spacing to be wider than I am used to, but it allowed greater legibility. I feel totally comfortable writing on both sides of each page. This is a great notebook. My only concern is the wire binding because I am left-handed. However, I knew this going to the purchase, and do not regret it.

Now it looks as though Doane Paper will be sticking around, though I don’t know what changed. As of this writing, the new doanepaper.com is listing the Large Idea Journal at $16 each.