☕️ My coffee setup

Last month, I added a refurbished Gaggia Classic Pro to my coffee bar—with a 9-bar spring modification, VST basket, and Barista Hustle tamper. (I want to replace my milk pitcher because mine has a wide mouth that isn’t great for latte art.) I usually roast Ethiopian Sidamo in a dutch oven once a week, keep it in an AirScape container, and grind it in my Rancilio Rocky. I am extremely happy with the results I’m getting.

Each morning, I click the machine on and let it warm up while I prepare my great-grandfather’s breakfast. Once it warms up, I grind approximately two tablespoons of whole coffee—usually set somewhere around 7 on the Rocky—and eyeball what comes out. I’m very particular, but not too particular. 😉 Give it a good tamp, run a little water through the grouphead, lock in the portafilter, and give it a go. As long as the crema looks good and the extraction time doesn’t feel too long, it goes in the small 8-ounce Keep Cup. Steam up some milk, top up the cup, and I’m ready to head to the computer.

## Other Elements

We have a Chefman glass variable temperature electric kettle. It replaced our Breville, which died suddenly and caused serious disappointment. The Chefman beeps with abandon to the point that I can’t recommend it. There are some videos online about disabling the beeping; I might have to try it. We mostly use it for tea (matcha or herbal) and Americanos.

I also have a Chemex, French press, and Bialetti mokapot. IMO, the French press is the best option when lazy or brewing for a group; the Chemex looks cool but has a longer brew time.